My Italian Menu

Learn the secrets, recipes and culture of one of the most popular cuisines in the world!

Course organisation:

The course includes 4 hours of general Italian in the mornings + 1 hour on Italian food in the afternoons + 2 evenings of practical lessons followed by dinner.

Course objective:

To provide an in-depth knowledge of Italian culture through food and its importance in daily life. Improve oral and conversational skills on cooking-related topics, discussing recipes, menus and descriptions of traditional Italian dishes. 

The course analyses:

  • Culinary vocabulary: introduction and in-depth study of specific vocabulary related to cooking, such as names of ingredients, utensils, cooking methods, weights and measures, the most used verbs in cooking, etc.

  • The Italian menu and its most traditional recipes, including preparation instructions and associated vocabulary.

  • Festivals and traditions: study of Italian holidays and culinary traditions associated with Christmas, Easter, All Saints' Day, New Year's Eve, August bank holiday, etc.

  • Regional foods: focus on regional traditions with special attention paid to the Sardinian culinary tradition.

  • Role play at the restaurant: role-playing activities to simulate how to order in a restaurant and how to interact with the staff.

  • Healthy cooking: discussion on aspects related to a balanced diet and healthy cooking, in-depth analysis of vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

  • Idiomatic expressions about food and cooking.

Final project:

"My Italian menu": the student will have to create a complete Italian menu, and should present the ingredients and their preparation. 



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