Cagliari is the principle city of the island of Sardinia. It is a historic city with a modern spirit. It is the perfect place to learn Italian because:

  • the city is not overrun by tourists and so when you travel around the city you will meet Italian people who speak only Italian (unlike in bigger cities when everybody speaks to you in English and don't give you the chance to practise your Italian!);

  • in Cagliari (and in Sardinia in general) everybody speaks Italian. Many are also able to speak Sardinian but because Sardinian is a language and not a dialogue, they do not mix the two. This means that in Cagliari you will hear a pure Italian which is also very easy to understand (listen to Veronica on our YouTube channel to get an idea of how easy it is to understand people from Cagliari);

  • people from Cagliari are known for their hospitality and they will be keen to hear your story giving you the chance to practise your Italian out of the classroom;

  • Cagliari enjoys clear blue skies and warm temperatures all year meaning that it is an ideal location any time of the year.