Welcome to One World Italian school!

Come and study Italian with us at our world-famous Italian language school in Cagliari, Sardinia! Learn Italian and take part in our fun and interesting activities!

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Our Italian Courses

Choose the Italian course which suits you best. You can do a general Italian language course or combine an Italian course with cooking lessons, discovering the history of the city and much more!

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Study Italian in Cagliari

Cagliari is a historic city with a modern spirit and unlike in large tourist cities in Italy, you will be spoken to in Italian and you will speak Italian all day during your time here.

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Free-time activities

After your Italian course in the morning, discover Cagliari and the surrounding area with us including trips to beautiful beaches, Roman remains, a UNESCO World Heritage site and much more!

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Italian Standard Course

Study Italian in this group course of 20 lessons, during which all basic language skills are taught and practised. You will improve your spoken Italian, your Italian grammar and your written Italian.

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"In vineyards & olive groves"

During this course you will combine the study of the Italian language with visits to wineries and olive groves and sample the wine and olive oil with cheeses and cured meats!

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"Back in time"

Cagliari's history goes back thousands of years and in this course you will visit some of the most interesting and ancient sites in and around Cagliari.

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"A taste of Italy"

If you love the Italian language and Italian cuisine you can combine these two passions in this course! You will cook, and eat, some wonderful Italian and Sardinian dishes!

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CILS Italian Exam Courses

If you want to apply for Italian citizenship, get a residence permit, study at an Italian university or certify your knowledge of Italian just for personal satisfaction, CILS exams are internationally recognised and we can prepare you for the exam you need to do.

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Online Italian Lessons

Our online Italian lessons are perfect for you if you want to learn Italian from the comfort of your home or office.

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