The Big Screen

Increase your knowledge of Italian culture through some of its best films! 

Course organisation:

The course includes 4 hours of general Italian in the mornings + 1 hour on Italian cinema in the afternoons.

Course objective:

To deepen your understanding of Italian culture through some of its most critically acclaimed and internationally recognised films.

Films offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian culture, traditions and history. The course aims to improve students' oral and conversational comprehension and vocabulary.

Films analysed:

  • La Vita è Bella (1997), winner of 3 Oscars, including the award for best foreign language film. The film tackles a touching and dramatic theme with extreme sensitivity and irony, thanks to the moving and charismatic interpretation and skill of Roberto Benigni, one of a kind.

  • La Dolce Vita (1966), Oscar winner for best costume and jury prize at the Cannes festival. The film became an icon of pop culture, with a surreal and fantastic style, whose director Federico Fellini strongly innovated international cinema with a unique and new style: magical realism.

  • La Grande Bellezza (2013), winner of the David di Donatello, best European film in 2013 and Oscar winner for best foreign language film. The director, Paolo Sorrentino, pays homage to Fellini's great masterpiece and invites the viewer to reflect on the true purpose of life through bizarre and complex characters.

  • Il Postino (1994), record for the longest stay in cinemas abroad, Oscar nomination for best foreign film and Oscar for best soundtrack, David di Donatello, and several awards from critics. This film has been praised as one of the most significant films of the 90s. "Il Postino" is a balance between poetry, emotion and visual beauty, where words are the protagonists, set in a picturesque Italian village with an exceptional performance by Massimo Troisi.

  • Cinema Paradiso (1988), winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film and numerous awards from critics who consider it one of the best films of all time for its moving narrative for the passion for cinema and for times gone by. It is a declaration of love to cinema itself.

Final project:

Directors for a day: short presentation by students of a film that represents and describes the culture of their country.

 * To attend this course you should have at least an A2 level of Italian.


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