Free-time activities

Exploring Cagliari and the wonderful territory of Southern Sardinia will be a unique opportunity and will make your One World experience even richer and more exciting.

To welcome you, on the first afternoon, after the first morning of lessons, Sofia will guide you on a tour to discover the thousand-year history of Castello, the oldest neighborhood in Cagliari, symbol and heart of the city.

And, in the following afternoons, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on our island with Joseph.

Here are some examples of the extracurricular activities we offer:

  • Trip to Seulo – Small municipality in the hinterland, located within the Blue Zone of Sardinia, one of the five areas of the world where people live longer and healthier than average, as well as the first to have been identified. On Netflix you can find an interesting documentary on the topic.

  • Visit to Nora – For millennia, Sardinia has been colonized by great civilisations, some of which settled in Nora, which was a Phoenician city, then Punic and, finally, Roman. Today you can still walk along its cobbled streets and admire the ruins of its glorious past, including the remains of an amphitheater, a temple and a bath complex.

  • Trip to Barumini - Nuraghe are ancient megalithic buildings, dating back to the second millennium BC, and are found only in Sardinia. There are around 7,000 examples scattered throughout the region. Barumini is home to the famous Su Nuraxi nuragic complex, the most complete and best preserved, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997.

  • Excursion to Porto Flavia – An extraordinary monument of industrial mining archaeology, unique in the world, which dominates the south-west coast of Sardinia, offering visitors a breathtaking view of the splendid sea of Masua and the imposing stack of Pan di Zucchero, the highest in the Mediterranean.
  • Visit to the Audarya winery – You will be able to taste excellent Cannonau, Monica and Vermentino wines, accompanied by typical local cheeses and cured meats, and enjoy a relaxing walk through the vineyards.

  • Cooking classes with Elvira – Your teacher will be happy to welcome you into her home, where you will learn to prepare some typical Italian dishes, such as lasagna, as well as various traditional Sardinian specialties, such as culurgiones and seadas. And, at the end of the evening, together with your friendly host, her husband Valentino and your classmates, you will be able to savor the fruits of your work, as you chat and drink good wine!

  • Tour of the Opera House - Cagliari is home to an important and prestigious opera house. You will go on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour.

  • And how could we not mention the fabulous beaches of Southern Sardinia? – Thanks to our warm and sunny climate, you will have the opportunity to spend magnificent days on some of the best beaches on the southern coast: you can relax on warm golden sands, dive into the thousand shades of color of a crystalline sea and let yourself be inebriated by the intense scents of the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub.