Welcome to One World Italian school!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with an enriching and enjoyable experience in learning the Italian language and culture throughout the year, whether at our school or online.

Who We Are

One World was established in 2001 by David Tomkinson and Andrea Alcoba. While neither are Italian, both share a deep love for Italy and have firsthand experience learning Italian. They understand what methods are effective in mastering this beautiful yet intricate language.

In terms of instruction, all our educators are native Italian speakers. Our team includes Veronica (in 2013, David encouraged her to "Try making a few YouTube videos and let's see what happens..."), along with Noemi, Assunta, Vanessa, Sofia, Manuela, and Carla. On your first day, Sofia will personally guide you on a tour of Castello, the historical heart of the city.

Our courses in Cagliari

In our Cagliari school, we offer a comprehensive study vacation program featuring Italian classes every morning and a variety of optional extracurricular activities such as cooking lessons and visits to Roman ruins and the Blue Zone.

Located in an ideal setting overlooking the port and close to restaurants, shops, bus, and train stations, our school benefits from a network of welcoming host families within walking distance. Alternatively, there are numerous quality hotels, B&Bs, and private apartments nearby if you prefer alternative accommodations.

Our Online Platform

You can study with us year-round through One World Online School, accessing a mix of video lessons and live online classes. Additionally, enrolling in our school grants you 12 months of complimentary access to our Silver Subscription course

To us, you're not just a temporary visitor for a few weeks; we're committed to supporting you throughout your Italian learning journey, however long it may be!

Take a virtual tour of our school with Veronica: