CILS Individual Courses

With the CILS individual course you have the possibility to have a personalized study path, aimed at preparing for the CILS exam.

You will see how the exam is structured, the points you need to work on and what strategies to use to deal with the various tests in a serene way.

You can also do mock exams so that you will know exactly what to expect during the exam and you can work on any doubts and errors that emerge during the exam.

This type of preparation is useful both for those who want to take the whole exam and for those who only have to pass some parts.

This package of individual lessons is suitable for you if you need a personalized and guided preparation, with the freedom to plan days and times of lessons depending on your schedule.

The advantages you will have following the CILS individual lessons are therefore:

  • personalized preparation

  • targeted mock exams and exercises

  • familiarity with the exam and, consequently, the ability to manage stress and time better

  • the chance to choose days and times of attendance

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