"Sun, Sea and Sport" course

In addition to being a splendid city rich in history and culture, Cagliari is also a seaside city, but not just any seaside city, it has a breathtaking sea and fantastic beaches.

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"Italian and Nature" course

Cagliari is a city on the sea, with a mild climate and this allows you to fully enjoy its nature and scenic places that can be easily reached in just a few minutes.

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"Art and Traditions" course

This course offers you the chance to admire art, nature and industrial archeology in the symbolic places of this city full of history and culture.

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"Italian, wine and olives" course

This course combines the study of the Italian language with two of the most particular and special things the Sardinian land has to offer, grapes and olives.

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"A taste of Italy" course

If the things you love the most are the Italian language and Italian cuisine, there is good news for you: at One World you can combine these two passions in one course!

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"Explore Sardinia" course

The aim is to combine the study of the Italian language with the knowledge of all that Sardinia has to offer with the aim of improving all language skills.

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