"Art and Traditions" course

Do you want to immerse yourself in a city rich in history and places to discover? The "Art and Traditions" course offers you the chance to admire art, nature and industrial archeology in the symbolic places of the city.

In addition to the guided tour the Castello district, you can visit the Conti Vecchi salt pans, "a journey to discover white gold", just outside Cagliari, and, very close to our school, you will discover Sant'Eulalia, the largest urban archaeological trail in Sardinia.

The "Art and traditions" course includes the standard Italian course every morning from 9:15 am to 1 pm, plus three afternoons of guided tours around the city.

This course is available on the following dates:

10/02 - 09/03 - 13/04 - 11/05 - 08/06 - 13/07 - 10/08 - 14/09 - 12/10 - 09/11 - 14/12.

What is included in this course:

  • 20 hours Italian language course;

  • Guided tour of the Castello district;

  • Guided tour of the Conti Vecchi salt flats;

  • Guided tour of the Sant'Eulalia archaeological complex.

All visits are accompanied by qualified tourist guides.

N.B. This course will be activated only in the presence of 2 members; if you are the only member, you can attend the standard course and participate in the activities indicated in the weekly activity programme. The days and times of the activities are indicative and may undergo changes.

GALLERY - arte e tradizioni

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